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Provider of Products

Providers of products are plant-touching businesses that “touch the plant”. They sell cannabis, CBD, or hemp. Wholesalers, retailers, distributors, grows, and dispensaries are “Providers of Products”.

Provider of Services

Providers of services are commonly known as CRB’s: cannabis related businesses, like attorneys, accountants, merchant payment processors, or armed security. They are businesses that provide services to Providers of Products, and do not “touch the plant”.


Aspiring cannabis professionals in search of the right cannabis job, or established cannabis professionals looking to network with other players in the cannabis industry, can choose an individual membership.

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Financial Resources

Find information on cannabis banks, payment processors and lenders. Use Pakaloh discount codes at these financial institutions.

Messages & Directories

Network with other members. Search for other members in our Directories, send messages directly to other members, and post and read ratings and reviews on other member businesses.


Apply for and post jobs in the cannabis industry. Maximize your access to the most qualified candidates and cutting-edge companies in the know.

Activism & Events

Find and promote activist organizations and trade associations in the industry. Search for and publicize in-person and digital events.

Business Tutorials

Watch Business Tutorials led by other members who'll introduce you to topics from cannabis accounting to licensing. Submit your own Business Tutorial to educate members and promote your services.

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Providers of Services

If you are a business that provides services to cannabis businesses, or a business that doesn’t touch the plant.